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Sneak Peaks:

Welcome To Beaconsfield:

Gian was a victim of sexual abuse as a boy at the hands of his uncle. Luckily, he was taken in by
a police captain. Years later, Gian himself becomes a cop, and when he is informed about the
sexual abuse taking place at a detention center called Beaconsfield, he is determined to make
the abusers pay for their crimes.

Cory is over eighteen, and therefore should no longer be at Beaconsfield. However, there are no
transition houses available. A victim of abuse at the hands of the guards, he does his best to
protect a young boy from their vicious atrocities. Paralyzed by fear, and sure that no one cares,
he keeps silent.

Gian finally gets permission to go undercover at Beaconsfield. Forced to walk the fine line
between protecting the residents and securing the evidence he needs to convict the abusers,
Gian’s life suddenly becomes a nightmare. There isn't anything he won’t do to protect those at
the mercy of the guards…not to mention, that Cory seems to falling in love with him.   


He did the rounds often, three floors, upstairs then down. He waited. Then about midnight he saw Pug wandering the halls. He
stopped and stayed in the shadows, waiting to see where he was going. Pug went into Frank’s room and took him out. He had his
hand on his shoulder as he led him down to the end of the hallway.
       "Who else is coming tonight?" Frank asked.
       "I’m going to get Daniel and Cory."
       Gian sucked in some breath. He took the stairs two at a time to the third floor. Quietly he crept into the room where Daniel
slept and lifted him out of the bed.
       He carried him down three flights to the utility room. There was a cot in there. He laid him on the cot. Daniel opened his eyes
and yawned. "What’s going on?"
       "Don't worry," he whispered. "Stay here. I’m going to lock the door. Only I have the key. Go back to sleep." He covered him
with a blanket and left, locking him in.
       Then he high tailed it back up to the third floor. Pug was there. He had Cory up against the wall. "Where is he? Where in the
hell is Daniel, you little prick!" He pulled down Cory's pajama bottoms and grabbed his penis hard.
       Cory gasped.
       Gian came down the hall. "Pug!" he said. "What in fuck are you doing?"
       "Daniel has disappeared and this little bastard has hidden him somewhere again."
       "I saw Daniel running outside,” Gian said. “That’s what I came to tell you."
       Pug paused. "Hey come here," he said softly in a voice that made Gian quite ill.
       "You want some of this action? I'd love to watch you do it to him."
       Cory looked at him with tear filled eyes, scrambling to pull up his pants. Gian looked at Pug. "We need to find Daniel?"
       "I'll look for the little prick. Here," he handed Gian a pair of handcuffs, "it’s better when he's tied down."
       Gian swallowed. "Better go before he gets away."
       Pug ran down the hall.
       Gian took Cory’s arm and led back into the room, the handcuffs dangling in his hands. He laid him down on the bed and put
the blanket over him. "Did he hurt you?"
       Cory nodded. "No, I’m alright."
       "Go to sleep. No one will bother you tonight."
       Cory sat up in bed as he watched him walk to the door. "Aren't you going to....?"
       But he was gone.
       Cory eventually fell asleep, biting the blanket to quell the pain in his groin. When he woke up, Daniel was asleep in bed beside
him. He looked more peaceful than he had ever seen him.

So Much More Than Naked:

Darcy has always been in control. He had to be. He had assumed responsibility for his younger
brother Martin when their parents died. Now Martin was getting married and he insisted that
Darcy have a date for his wedding.

Without Darcy’s knowledge Martin goes looking for a date for his big brother in the personals.
But he slips up and punches in the wrong number.

Darcy reluctantly agrees to meet with the person who answers his brother’s ad, figuring he’ll
ask the girl to the wedding and that will be it. However, it’s Ryan he ends up meeting, and he’s
NO GIRL. In fact he’s a Dom looking for a submissive, and Darcy seems to be right up his alley.


The bathroom was still steamy. There was a subtle smell of some wonderful smelling aftershave…vanilla and cinnamon.
Umm….it took him a minute to get into the shower. The fragrance lulled him into a peaceful contentment…not to mention having
Ryan there in nothing but a towel with his hair all wet and water drops rolling down his skin.
He was hard when he stepped into the shower. At one point, he let his body lean against the cool tiles while the water beat down
on his sex just to see if it would alleviate the ache.  God, did he really suck Ryan’s cock last night? He must have been drunk.
When he slid open the shower door, Ryan stood there, a bath towel in his hand. For a moment, Darcy stood there without moving,
digesting the sensation of having Ryan devour his nakedness, then with a sudden burst of embarrassed fervour, he took the
towel and held it in front of him. “I found you some clothes,” Ryan said. “I left them on the bed. What do you want for breakfast?”
“Nothing. Coffee. My head is not the best.”
“Okay. Fine. Get dressed and come downstairs. I’ll put the coffee on.”
“Do you have a razor?” He ran a hand over his jaw. “I need to…”
“Here,” he said, reaching into his medicine cabinet. He handed Darcy a pair of clippers. “Just trim it a little. It looks great. Do you
want me to?”
“Ah…” Darcy took a step back. “No…thanks. I’ll do it.”
“There’s a hair brush there too,” Ryan said.
“Okay.” Ryan had on a pair of dress pants, tan with a dark brown belt. His shirt, a mocha tint with a faint pattern in the background
hung unbuttoned on his shoulders. His chest was still a little damp from the shower in places, and Darcy had the greatest urge to
reach out and touch the spots with his fingers.
Ryan met his eyes. “What is it, Darcy?”
“No…nothing. It’s just that,” he took a step, “your hair is…” He pushed a stray lock of it back in place, “unruly.”
He smiled. “Yes, and so am I.” He winked at him.
Darcy found himself smiling. “I want to kiss you right now. I think you’ve bewitched me.”
Ryan pulled him up against him and lowered his mouth to his. He kissed him deeply, then, released him. “There, and I’m glad I
bewitched you, Darcy. You’ve bewitched me too.”
He left him then, just like that, standing there with his mouth bruised from his kiss.
Darcy shook himself back into reality. He trimmed the facial hair a bit, brushed out his hair which was fast reaching his collar, and
found the clothes Ryan had left him on the bed. The blue shirt was a bit snug, but the black pants fit fine, although a little too close
fitting for his taste. When he came downstairs, Ryan looked up from his coffee mug, and whistled. “You look hot.”
Darcy grinned. “Yeah? Never had anyone tell me that before.”
Ryan pushed a mug towards him, reached over for the thermal carafe and poured him some. “Then I’ll tell you often.”
Ryan sat back in his chair, and grinned at him. “So, when you coming back?”
“I’m not sure about this submissive thing.”
“It won’t work unless you’re willing to give up all control.”
“To be your sex slave,” Darcy murmured, laughing a little.
“Basically, yes. Would you be turned on by me being your sub?”
“Ah,” he looked into his cup, “I…”
“Honest now?”
“Sure, I…I guess so.”
“Would you feel better if I let you do that first?”
“Do what?” He looked up now.
“Be your sex slave.”
“Oh God,” he said, shaking his head. “I couldn’t ask you…or…”
“What if I wanted to?” He met his eyes, reaching across and taking his hand.
Darcy couldn’t believe he was even discussing the possibility.
“On the condition you reciprocate.”
“Let me think about it.”
“Why think? You think too much,” he squeezed his hand. “Just follow your gut. What does your gut tell you?”
It was screaming yes, yes, yes. “It obligates me to…”
“But down deep you want to submit. Right now you’re scared. I’ll show you there’s nothing to be scared of. You just have to learn
to trust, like I’ll trust you to do what you want.” He sat back again.
Darcy felt his cock stiffen. To do what he wanted…to Ryan…the sexiest guy he’d ever seen. “Okay,” he said.
Ryan smiled. “Come back tonight.  And remember, as your sub, you can do what you want to me. I’ll obey your every command.”
Darcy nodded awkwardly, draining his cup and standing up. He had to get out of here. “I’ve got to go. I’ll get in touch with you
about later. I’m not sure yet. I have a lot of work and…”
“Come for dinner,” Ryan said. “Seven?”
“I’ll try.”