Chaos is about a trucker who meets his destiny by picking up a stranger on
the highway. He never suspects that forces beyond his control are at play...

He moved forward, looking for a road where he could turn around. The damn
road was too narrow. Finally, he found an entrance to a farmer’s field, and he
expertly manoeuvred the truck back up onto the road and headed back in the
opposite direction. He’d lost the sun now, and the sky looked like it wanted to
rain, although it was trying to hold off. He put the peddle to the metal and made
for the rest stop. He was rolling right along, swinging around the corner when he
spotted what could only be a flash of something. Yanking the wheel over to the
left so hard that he felt the rig almost tip to side, he screeched to a halt. He was
sprawled halfway across the road, his chest heaving, his heart hammering.
“What in fuck…?” Was it an animal? Had he hit the damn thing?
He opened his door, and dropped down to the pavement, checking the front tire
to make sure it hadn’t blown.
“What in fuck is wrong with you man?” An angry voice snarled. The words
jumped out of nowhere at him. Gareth narrowed his large coal black eyes,
settling on a young man. Before he could open his mouth, the young man flew up
into his face and began chewing him out big time.
“You could have killed me. Were you trying to fucking kill me? Don’t you know
how to drive that thing?”
Gareth blinked. The guy’s hair was plastered against his head. God knows what
colour it was. And he had blue, blue eyes which looked rather bloodshot. He was
carrying what looked like a t-shirt in his hands, and wearing an extremely short
pair of nylon shorts, and running shoes. There was a foul smell coming off of him
which caused Gareth to take a step backward. “What in hell are you doing out
here walking on the road?”
“Don’t people have a right to walk on the road, or do you guys own it or
Gareth ignored that. “Look, are you alright?”
“Yes, no thanks to you.”
“Well, if you’re okay,” Gareth turned to go back to his rig.
“So, that’s it?”
Gareth glanced at him over his shoulder. “Huh?”
“You practically kill me, then, you leave me out here to die?”
Gareth’s mouth dropped as he watched the guy walk over to the passenger side
of his cab.
“Hey, what do you think you’re doing?” he began, following him.
The guy grinned, then hauled open the door and stepped up inside. “I need a
ride,” he said with a shrug.
“Get out of there,” Gareth told him. “I don’t give rides.”
The guy ran his eyes over him as he stood there in front of the open door. “That’s
too bad,” he cooed. “You look like you could be good at giving rides.”
Gareth’s eyes widened. He didn’t miss the sexual innuendo. “Look, I don’t know
what you got in mind, but I’m late. I got a deadline and…”
“I won’t slow you up. Look, give me a ride to the next town, buy me some food,
and I’ll take off. We’ll call it square okay?”
“Call it square for what?” Gareth suspected that the guy had put himself in harms
way on purpose.
“For you almost killing me.”
“But you said you’re alright.”
“I am, but I could have been killed. Come on. You said you were late. Time’s a
Gareth narrowed his eyes. “You did that on purpose.”
“You think I’m nuts? Why would I do that?” He smiled.